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  • Patella Instability Surgery

Patella Dislocation

The patella always dislocates laterally (to the outside of the knee). This always is associated with a rupture of the MPFL. Put another way: it is impossible for the patella to dislocate without rupture of the MPFL. When the patella dislocates you lose all power in your quadriceps and fall to the ground. Most often it happens without any major trauma to the knee in people with underlying risk factors for a patella dislocation. In such cases it is almost certain the patella will dislocate again at some point in the future. Surgical treatment is therefore best in order to prevent a redislocation. It takes a huge force to dislocate an inherently stable patella. In such a case the risk of a redislocation is in the region of 40 to 50%. Conservative treatment is then offered.
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