• Total Knee Replacement

What is a total knee replacement?

A TKR is a surgical procedure to replace the worn-out joint surfaces of the knee with synthetic materials. The traditional naming of this procedure is misleading. It is NOT the insertion complete “bionic” knee. Current techniques of surgery and prosthetic design dictate a more fitting description of this procedure to be “Metallic Resurfacing of the Knee”. Nonetheless, to avoid confusion we will continue to refer to this procedure as a total knee replacement (TKR) in the remainder of this text.

After a TKR you can expect to be able to walk without pain and be able to take part in light sporting activities.

The life expectancy of the new surfaces are approximately 15-20 years, and if a problem arises it is possible to perform a revision operation where the worn-out surfaces are replaced.

View of knee from the side after a knee replacement
View of knee from the front after a knee replacement
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